Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jebel hafeet Mountain

Last weekend, we headed up to the rock mountains of Al Ain, called Jebel Hafeet. it is the second highest peak in the UAE. the winding road going to the top is quite a challenge, but the view is beautiful! we were just in time for sunset, so we really had a nice day and night views.

information found at every rest stop and at the topmost of the mountain

the park/rest stop at the topmost of the mountain. you get a 360deg. view of the city.

the management has added cottages and play areas, which is really great.

the view at the topmost part of the mountain

Quoted rom wikipedia:

Jebel Hafeet (Arabic: جبل حفيت‎) (variously translated Jabal, Jabel and Jebal) is a mountain primarily in the United Arab Emirates on the outskirts of Al Ain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The mountain actually straddles part of the border with Oman. The mountain rises 1249 meters and offers an impressive view over the city. Jebel Hafeet was a well-known landmark throughout the area's history and is a contemporary tourist attraction. An extensive natural cave system winds through Jebel Hafeet.
At the foothills of Jabal Hafeet lies the Green Mubazarrah, a well-developed tourist attraction. At the Green Mubazarrah, hot-water springs gush forth in little streams and form a lake. Swimming pools and jacuzzis are scattered all over the Green Mubazarrah. Jebel Hafeet is also home to a wide range of animals including bats, foxes, snakes, etc.
It is often incorrectly labelled U.A.E.'s highest mountain (as it is certainly the most well-known); this honor actually belongs to an unnamed ca 1,910 m knoll just across the border from Jebel Bil Ays in Oman. Jabal Yibir is the U.A.E.'s highest named peak.
The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road extends for 7.3 mi (11.7 km) up the mountain, rising 4,000 ft (1,219 m). With 21 corners and three lanes (two climbing and one descending), the immaculate road was called the greatest driving road in the world by The road scales the mountain and ends at a parking lot with only a hotel and a palace belonging to the country's rulers. Part of the climax of the Bollywood film RACE was shot on the Jabel Hafeet mountain.
The road was built by Strabag International of Cologne, Germany.

Hafeet Mountain Road is the challenge for cyclists who frequently come over to train. The Jebel Hafeet Mercure Challenge is an annual road cycling competition taking place somewhere in January. National and international riders take part in climbing the 8% average ascent of the mountain.
On top of the mountain, there is a radar station and a Mercure-Hotel.

unfortunately, there was a lot of vandalism too. it is quite sad to think people have left their markings on the beautiful stone.
the view overlooking the city of Al Ain and part of Green Mubazarra

here's a link to a video of a GTR challenge in 2009. it took 3mins 39.0008second for the car to reach the top. the road was 7km and 22 corners to turn. amazing.

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