Friday, June 8, 2012

holiday hang-over

started sorting out mail and postcards which got piled up during my vacation. i was very happy to get so many postcards when i got back. before i left, i think i mailed out about 50postcards. joined two vacation round-robins and mailed a few postcards to my regular swap buddies while on holiday. now, i need to check the postcards i received and send replies to swaps, scan each postcard and so on.

but before i could go into any of that, i felt like i need to seriously plan out how i store my postcards. so, i went to TCHIBO and bought CD boxes. i always love TCHIBO stuff. my postcard buddy ING, was kind enough to lend me her labeller, and after one night of sorting, Ta dah!!

postcards are sorted by continent and country! =)

Happy weekend!

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  1. oh my God! what a collection! I hope one day I will have as big as yours