Sunday, May 27, 2012


just got back from a long holiday (by long i mean 37days to be exact) and was happily welcomed by a STEVE JOBS postcard/commemorative card!

this is coming all the way from China, from a fellow postcrosser named Jan Yuan. In China,if you buy the book,you can get the card.

The signature by Walter Isaacson, the writer of Steve Jobs:A Biography. Though the signature is not real signature, it's just print.  i think it is still so cool. Thanks Yanjuan! =)

the mailbox was full when i got back, so i need to go through each postcard, scan and post them. i already pre-registered all postcrossing cards as they arrived thanks to my good friend ING updating me while i was miles away. i got great postcards from a vacation RR(round robin) which i will share soon too. for now, STEVE takes this page. this card is definitely one of my FAVES!