Friday, November 25, 2011

around town

December 02 will be UAE's National day. So the town is colorful, decorated with the UAE flag colors. bright lights everywhere.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mail time - postcard from Egypt

look what came in the mail today? a postcard from Egypt from Bestie =)
thanks again!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


a repost from my old multiply site

my collection actually got started when my bestfriend left the Philippines in 1998. she would occasionally send me letters and postcards. one time i asked her to send me more letters and postcards for the stamps. my earlier focus was to collect stamps. something which my mother did when she was younger also. then somewhere along the way, i just found the appreciation of the postcards with the stamps from different places. and somehow it just became a practice, which now is somewhat a tradition between the two of us. So, whenever and wherever my Bestie travels, she'd send me a postcard. The more countries she and her family traveled, the more post cards i got. =)

now, i have another good friend contributing to my collection also.
i met Juvy online. we shared a common friend in another social networking site and somehow just instantly connected. we started with sharing recipes and photos(and she's one good photographer) .She and her daughter sends me quick notes from everywhere they travel too.


it's just makes my day everytime i get a postcard. it's fascinating to see where my friends have traveled, the places they've been, culture that they have experienced and the people they've met. especially in this time of technology and the internet, where snail mail is almost obsolete. and friends have to make that extra effort just to send you one, when one just could easily hit the enter button for an email. but that just would take all the fun out. At the moment, i already have about 70+ postcards from 35+ countries. (BIG GRIN!)


As Juvy once said to me, that she is "remembering me amidst their enjoyment", means so much. and taking the time to send me a note, i am forever grateful. so, MANY MANY THANKS! as in. =) Without your efforts, i wouldn't have any postcards/stamps to keep. to J&P, Juvy, VJ and Urs, thanks for always taking the time to send postcards my way. HUGS!!!