Sunday, September 18, 2011

A tale of two almost identical TOPS

summer last year, I treated myself to a blouse at MANGO. Though it was on sale for 35% less the original price (150dhs), it was still a bit pricier for my usual shopaholic self. I just did love the embroidery and the soft fabric used. So I did end up buying one. And I was happy.
mango top - after almost a year of loving
Until last weekend, I was at MAX because they had a promotion going on. And I found the same blouse on their racks! It was originally 49dhs and now was on sale for half the price. I felt cheated! Did mango just purchase stuff of the shelf? And re-tagged them? what was happening???

So I decided to buy the identical top just to compare with the one I had at home. (crazy me!)

Here are the photos for you to judge:

this is half and half of each of the tops placed side by side

MANGO top - 63% cotton, 37% silk (which makes it a better fabric- feels a lot softer too), clean stitching, delicate embroidery.

MAX top – 100% cotton(a bit too sturdy for the design), not so clean stitching, embroidery stitches are too thick
I think it's kinda clear who copied who. though one thing is for sure, I can definitely relax and hopefully shop again, knowing I wasn’t cheated. Well, maybe my 29dhs from MAX was.